Weddings at Kasteel Geldrop


Kasteel Geldrop is one of the most attractive wedding locations in the region. The castle itself is situated in a beautiful English garden, with an oranjerie, horse stables and carriage house, all in 19th century style. Enormous old trees set the atmosphere of romance and nostalgia and are therefore very popular with wedding parties from all over Europe, and also from America and even Australia.


 Kasteel Geldrop (Sander van der Torren,


The civil ceremony will be led by a civil servant in the Wedding Room, the former drawing room of the baron and baroness more than 30 years ago. Nowdays this room is used for receptions, high teas and dinners. The other rooms in the castle can also be used for these purposes aswel as for champagne toasts, cutting the wedding cake and even parties with live music. All this takes place in 19th century style in a beautiful, intimate setting.



Suggestion 1: the bride and groom leave the Wedding Room after the civil ceremony heading for the Panoramakamer. In this room the wedding cake will be cut by the happy couple. During the best man´s speech cold champagne is served. 








Suggestion 2: after the wedding the couple and guests go to the Blauwe Kamer where they enjoy a cup of coffee and wedding cake. The bride and groom leave their guests behind to take some pictures in the English Garden. Meanwhile the guests join a guided tour through the castle. When the couple returns, the reception starts for 150 friends and family. After the reception 50 guests have dinner in the transformed Wedding Room (see picture).






Suggestion 3: the couple is married in another location and arrive with their family at the castle around 4 PM. The high tea starts partly in the Panoramakamer and on the terrace outside. At 7 PM the first evening guests arrive.









Beside these three examples, there are numerous possibilities to celebrate your wedding at Kasteel Geldrop. Maybe you have your own ideas. We´d like to invite you to visit the castle and discuss your preferences and wishes so that we can make your wedding day an unforgettable day.
You can make an appointment between 9 am and 17 pm by calling 040 7874561 (De Kasteelhoeve, Veronique van Raamsdonk).



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During civil ceremony


Catering services: De Kasteelhoeve

De Kasteelhoeve is the company that provides the catering and all the other facilities needed for diners, receptions, high teas etc. at Kasteel Geldrop. They stand for qualitiy, creativity and ambiance.









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