Making wedding photo´s at Kasteel Geldrop


The castle, but also the surrounding gardens, is very popular for taking wedding photo´s. The romantic back drop of the old trees, the shallow moat, side scenes and lawns, but also the antique and chic interior of the castle form the ideal background for wedding pictures.


Staircase. Photo: Leijten Creations (see "Links")


In the English garden

It´s possible to take pictures in the English garden and flower gardens without making an appointment. There is no charge. Opening times . There are some restrictions:
- (wedding)cars are not allowed (except permit holders);
- cars with a permit have access only on the road (not footpath and lawn);
- pedestrians have to stay on lawns and footpaths (no access to borders);
- no access into greenhouses in flower garden.


Front site of the castle. Photo: Leijten Creations (see "Links")


In the castle

To take wedding photo´s in the castle you have to make an appointment. Beside the Wedding Room and on the second floor there are several beautiful rooms. Reservations must be made to take pictures.


Blauwe Kamer. Photo: Leijten Creations (see "Links")

The fee for taking wedding photo´s in the castle is € 75 for 1,5 hours. It is necessary to make a reservation. Saturday, Sunday and Monday € 110.




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