Conference rooms

All the rooms on the second floor are suitable for conference or training. Meetings of up to 50 persons can take place in the Oostvleugel (theatre set up) or 26 persons (u-shape set up). It is possible to use the Oostvleugel as plenary room while the sub rooms are the Groene Kamer, the Library and the Gildenkamer.


The rooms displayed:


Oostvleugel: max. 50 personen


The Oostvleugel is suitable for maximum 50 persons in theatre set up or 26 persons in u-shape. Beautiful decorated room with sunlight from both sides. It is possible to darken the Oostvleugel for power point presentations.




Gildenkamer: max. 14 personen


The Gildenkamer is a room for 14 persons. They can take place at a big table in the middle. Sometimes the Gildenkamer is also used as plenary room with the use of the Library and Groene Kamer as sub rooms. The Gildenkamer has two south side windows.





Groene Kamer: max. 8 personen


The Groene Kamer is also located near the Oostvleugel and suitable for max. 8 persons. The windows have a view to the east and south side, overlooking the English garden.




Library: max. 8 persons


The Library is situated beside the Oostvleugel. In the smallest room there is space for 6 to 8 persons. In this warm and interesting room you can find thousands of books. The library can also be used as coffee room.







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