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Geldrop castle provides an ideal setting for the performance of classical music, and chamber music in particular, because of the ambiance, dimensions and surprisingly rich acoustics of its beautiful period rooms. Chamber music truly benefits from a sympathetic environment. 



The Strabrecht Theatre concerts enjoy an excellent reputation and are performed by musicians who hope one day to perform at the great concert halls. Emerging musicians, therefore, who have established a good reputation, and who, in some instances, have already distinguished themselves. Our concerts draw music lovers near and far. This matters, as Strabrecht Theatre strives to bring classical chamber music to a wider audience of all ages and backgrounds. Does not classical music enrich everyone´s life? An additional objective is to provide a platform for young, talented musicians. These, at the outset of their careers, need smaller venues to practice performing under concert conditions. Fortunately, there are a great many young musicians who enjoy playing chamber music, and we have no lack of performers. Indeed, a number of those who now perform regularly at major concert halls, have previously contributed to our concerts.

When we plan our concerts, our fine Steinway grand piano plays a central role. Nonetheless, it is not only pianists that are invited. Our aim is to embrace a wider range of instruments. And in choosing composers we seek to bring diversity as well. As a result our concerts cover a wide spectrum of chamber music repertoire.

Chamber music benefits from the way the audience is made to experience the performance. Our performers are encouraged to discuss the background of the works to be performed and their composers. This informal talk as well as the performers´ nearness to the audience and the intimacy of the concert room all make for an intense musical experience.


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