Concert information

Concert Information


The Strabrecht Theatre each year presents a season of eight monthly concerts from September to April inclusive.


Using the link below will take you to the Concert Diary for 2018-2019 and the individual Concert Programmes in pdf format.


Concert Diary and individual Concert Programmes 



If you wish to receive up-to-date details of our concert arrangements and programmes, please send your title, full name and email address to our concert secretary Contact. Please unsubscribe in the same manner.


Schedule of Sunday concerts for the 2018-2019 season: 


Sunday 16 september 2018              Marietta Petkova (Piano)

Sunday 21 october 2018                   Elise Besemer & Laurens de Man (Violin & Piano)

Sunday 11 november 2018               Trio Turmalin (Piano trio)

Sunday 9 december 2018                 Alexander Ullman (Piano)

Sunday 13 january 2019                   Beth & Flo (Piano)

Sunday 10 february 2019                  Olsi Leka & Peter Caelen (Cello & Piano)

Sunday 10 march 2019                      Annelien Van Wauwe & Lucas Blondeel (Clarinet & Piano)

Sunday 14 april 2019                         Rosalía Gómez Lasceras (Piano)


Each concert consists of two parts, separated by an interval, during which coffee, tea and fruit juice are available. These refreshments are included in the admission price. The interval generally lasts approximately 20 minutes. Each concert starts at 12:00 and concludes no later than 14:00.


There is a large and convenient car park at the rear entrance to the castle park, halfway down the street named Helze. Another car park is located near Saint Brigid´s church, on Mierloseweg, opposite the main entrance (pedestrians only) to the castle park. Parking inside the castle park is prohibited because of the fire regulations.


Seats booked but not yet paid for can be paid for at the reception desk. At 11:30 such bookings become void and any still available seats will be sold on a first come, first served basis. The reception desk closes at 11:45 and the doors to the concert room will be closed at the start of the concert at 12:00. We would appreciate if you could pay the exact amount in cash, if at all possible.


Are you looking for a memorable present to give to a loved one or friend? May we suggest a gift voucher for one of our chamber music concerts? For further information, please click below.


Informatie Concertbon (Nederlands)


Gift Voucher information leaflet (English)




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