Wedding ceremony at the castle

If you want to marry at Kasteel Geldrop, you have to contact the civil servant of the council Geldrop-Mierlo. To reserve a particular date and time, tel. +31 14040.


General Conditions 2012-2013


Every civil servant of the counsel Geldrop-Mierlo (six in total) has it´s own style of leading the ceremony. It´s even possible to make a preference which servant you would like.



From left to right: Christine de Kock, Jeanne Haarman, Hanneke Binneweg, Renée van Oers, Angelle van der Helm en Petra Wilms.




Marrying at the castle

Prices excludes fees council Geldrop-Mierlo.





Monday till Thursday €   300,00
Friday: €   350,00
Saturday: €   400,00


A wedding ceremony takes maximum 25 minutes. The council of Geldrop-Mierlo gives you 3 parking permits to enter the premises of Kasteel Geldrop. These permits can be used by the wedding car, parents of the couple or a photographer. The permit is valid only during the ceremony and 15 minutes before and after the ceremony. More cars are not allowed. Other guests can park their car at the car park at the Helze street, 200 meter away from the castle.


Parking at the Helze street


More information about the civil ceremony is available on the town hall of Geldrop-Mierlo, also for couples who don´t live in Geldrop-Mierlo.


The use of confetti, rice or flower leaves at the end of the ceremony is not allowed at the castle. Releasing balloons is possible at the south side of the castle (on the lawn).


Internet site council Geldrop-Mierlo



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